According to Article 305 of the Criminal Code, disrespecting one of Costa Rica’s National Symbols, such as the national flag or coat of arms, is a criminal offense punishable by up to 2 years in a crowded prison with these dudes.

But that didn’t stop Costa Rican makeup artist Alex badilla from posting a spiced up version of our beloved “Escudo” to social media recently, with the incriminatory artwork allegedly having been created by the chic celebrity himself.

The problematic post comes on the heels of a recent ruling by the InterAmerican Court of Human Rights declaring that Costa Rica must legalize same-sex marriage or GTFO like Venezuela did.

Besides annoying the hell out of breeders, the antagonistic artwork has also done an amazing job of distracting voters from important matters that might have a negative impact on the upcoming presidential elections.

In an effort to save tax payers some money while simultaneously allowing everyone to get back to discussing things that actually matter, The Costa Rica Post has compiled a list of reasons why Alex Badilla shouldn’t have to go to jail.

#5. His “Escudo” isn’t even an “Escudo”

Compare the two images below, the first one has a shield-like-shape, typical of a coat of arms, because it is a coat of arms, and the other one doesn’t, because it isn’t. Since the Spanish version of the word, “escudo”, actually means shield, without an actual shield, the drawing couldn’t possible depict one.

#4. His “Costa Rica” isn’t even “Costa Rica”

As you can clearly see in the image below, above, and throughout this article, Alex’s delightful drawing discernibly depicts a lovely island surrounded by water, and since Nicaragua and Panama are noticeably absent from the artwork, one must conclude that the land mass depicted isn’t Costa Rica at all.

No Panamians or Nicaraguans? Well, um, I’ll have a Coke, then.

#3. People have done much WORSE to our symbols

Including but not limited to Keylor Lovers, Nicas and Nazis. Where were all you home-schooled kids then?

#2. There are MUCH bigger fish to fry 

Have we so quickly forgotten about the Cementazo? JCB? Focus people.

#1. Alex is WAY too pretty for prison

Seriously. The guy wouldn’t last five minutes inside there.

…and I think you know which guy I’m referring to