Recently The CR Post brought our readers the story of a Gringo who was allegedly kidnapped and tied up by Tico torturers. In a shocking plot twist that surprised no one,  the only thing torturing RYAN J MESSERSCHMIDT in Costa Rica, was his own inner demons.

“Hey are you guys doing a story on the whacked out gringo up in Guanacaste saying he was stabbed, beaten and tortured? His family has collected over $7k on a gofundme account, while his story has fallen apart.” said one anonymous source.

“A weekend of hard partying, does not a gofundme make in my opinion. They’re even saying he can’t leave the country unless his medical bills are paid first.”

An alleged employee of the hotel that Ryan was staying at came forward with his version of the facts on Facebook, but prefers to remain anonymous.

With the inconsiderate employee completely ignoring the official version the family had been feeding to the media; which we have copy/pasted below:

Unfortunately, the only witness willing to go on record, has a stripper name and prays for guys like Ryan.

Once again fulfilling our promise to keep our readers as up to date on current gossip as possible, The Costa Rica Post has re-posted a series of updates provided by family members on Ryan’s GoFundMe page below:

If you wish to track the family’s shameless quest for reimbursement or chip in to help offset the cost of hookers and hospital stays, you can do both by clicking HERE



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