A 52-year-old woman was gunned down in cold blood this past Saturday, just minutes after visiting her son who is serving time in the prison known as “La Reforma”. The crime occurred at 3:45 pm at a bus stop located 300 meters before the main entrance of the prison complex located in San Rafael de Alajuela.

Brittney shown here waiting patiently to see Brayan

According to the Ministerio de Justicia, an unidentified man approached the woman and asked her name before proceeding to shoot her in the head six times with a hand gun. Several bullet casings were recovered at the scene.

Regional director of the Fuerza Publica de Alajuela, Rándall Picado, told reporters that the subjects were most likely traveling aboard a white car without license plates. 

Dozens of family members of incarcerated scumbags were forced to leave the area on foot after buses were denied access due to the area being closed off as a crime scene.

The woman’s son is currently being held in the “A-1” area, known as “Mínima”, allegedly for murdering and stealing peoples shit.