Ticos may hate gay marriage, but they love gay porno, at least according to a series of studies recently published by the pornographic video sharing website known as Pornhub.

Fun Fact: Ticos are 63% more likely to search for transgender porn than Ticas

But coming in at 9th place on the Worldwide Transgender Popularity Index isn’t the only thing Ticos have to brag about, in 2017 Costa Rica came in at a very respectable, albeit a bit cliché, number 69 in the world for Pornhub visits overall.

Both studies seem to be very strong indicators that not only are Costa Ricans way more open-minded than recent manifestations might suggest, but also that they masturbate a lot.

Although census reports tend to divide populations into racial categories, Pornhub.com opts instead to take a more integrated approach to their statistical information. And if the collected information is to believed, there appears to be a high percentage of “perverts” walking among Costa Rica’s 70% Roman Catholic Population. And you know what they say, “you can tell a lot about a man by what he masturbates to.”

Costa Rica

(/ˌkɒstə ˈrkə/  Known by tourist for its beaches, mountain ranges, volcanoes and varied wildlife, Costa Rica is a popular destination for eco-tourists looking to get in touch with nature.


(/pɔː(r)n hʌb/ Known by Ticos for it’s Anal, Lesbian, Big Tits, Transgender and Tentacle Porn, Pornhub is a popular destination among people looking to get in touch with their genitals over the course of the next ten minutes.

For our readers that were taught sex education at home by their parents, The Costa Rica Post has explained some of the more confusing categories preferred by Ticos below.

Popular Porn Categories in Costa Rica Explained

“Transgender” (also referred to as Transsexual pornography , shemale porntranny porn or t-girl porn) is a genre of pornography where performers are usually the submissive anal receptiant for the male performer. Shemale porn has become one of the largest, most popular genres of porn among heterosexual males, and Costa Ricans are 25% more likely to watch it than the rest of the world; possibly explaining their obsession with non-porn related personality Alex Badilla.

Your clothes. Give them to me.

“Parody” is a subgenre that parodies mainstream film or television show using sexual puns. This subgenre also includes parody of historical or contemporary events and political scandals such as the “Sementazo”.

“Big Tits” Sometimes referred to as ginormous tits, big-boob or big-bust pornography, “Big Tits” features women with large breasts. Some viewers prefer performers with breast implants, others prefer women who have naturally large breasts, all viewers prefer big tits.

“Hentai” in Japanese means “perversion”, “abnormality”, or “metamorphosis”. Some types of Hentai features gay males, Lesbians, and little girls getting banged with tentacles. Three things that Ticos apparently can’t live without.

Although we have already included a more comprehensive Year in Review below, if you would like to learn what neighboring countries have been fapping to, you can visit Porn Hub’s complete 2017 Year in Review HERE.

As of June 2017, 51% of the world’s population is on the  internet, and most of them are gay.