A gay man nearly got his head chopped off in Cartago today, after a homophobic man attacked him in broad daylight with a machete. The victim, identified only as “Rolando”, was hit behind his right ear with the large blade, as he walked down the street in Turrialba.

Seemingly fueled by blind hatred, the attacker didn’t think twice before bringing his hard blade down upon the tender skin of Rolando’s exposed neck, allegedly because the “man” believed him to be gay. With cat-like gay reflexes, Rolando quickly reacted, throwing his attacker to the ground, he then used his strong legs to pin man to the sidewalk until help arrived; all while wearing a man bun.

Groupon/REX Shutterstock

In the immediate aftermath of the attack, which can be seen in the video below, one neighbor can be heard urging Rolando to give it to him hard, but the hope inspiring homosexual instead opts to show his tender side and straddles his attacker until law enforcement could arrive.

The attack comes amid rising tensions between Gays and Catholics due to the upcoming presidencial election, which for some, is all about gay stuff.

“Cementwhatzo?” – Fabricio Alvarado

To be continued…