A margarita slinging citizen of Samara recently took to social media to denounce a band of Scumbags who have apparently been targeting tourist. In this specific instance, stealing the most conspicuous bag imaginable from a casual Caucasian client. In the post, the presumably pasty author ask readers for help locating the pudgy pareja; specifically for the purpose of applying a proper flogging.

The repentless plea for violence can be seen in a more motivational format below.

The beer-gutted bag grabber is easily recognizable thanks to his low hanging nipples and his accomplice having a similar sized bust.

The scumbag in the white hat is also wanted for questioning as he is believed to be a co-conspirator to the crime allegedly perpetrated by the disproportionately chested couple.

Although the crime occurred in Samara, coastal business owners are cautioned to to keep an eye out for scumbag trio who are believed to be working their way up the Pacific Coast from Quepos.

Please keep in mind that it is quite possible that the bag actually belonged to the man, and he was just embarrassed to ask for it back. The alleged crime can be seen in the video below.

All parties are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The Costa Rica Post will keep our readers updated as more information on the bag grabbing dirtbags becomes available.