In this bizarre clip a naked man fights a fully clothed man in front of a bar in Heredia while a few of the more emotionally invested witnesses react to the conflict by chanting “El Chingo! El Chingo!” in support of the naked scrapper, who’s exposed buttcheeks can be seen in the image below.

El Chingo and his fully-clothed rival trade blows before a decent-size gathering

It is still unclear when the fight occurred, why the men were brawling in the street or why one of the men wasn’t wearing any clothes. It is also unclear whether or not the fight was reported to Fuerza Publica officials.

The original footage was shot on a mobile phone and has gone viral on Whatsapp, where it has already been viewed by enough Ticos to have a dramatic on a recent public opinion poll.

The identity of “El Chingo” is still unknown.