Four employees of the Hotel del Rey were arrested yesterday, after refusing to give police the location of a recently deceased North American, who allegedly bit off more than he could chew.

According to authorities, an anonymous 9-1-1 call was received a little after 3 PM indicating that a foreign visitor had died inside the Hotel located within the infamous Gringo Gulch section of San Jose’s dowtown area.

Although rescue workers from the Red Cross were able to arrive to the scene in just minutes, there was little they could do for the deceased foreigner; effectively running any chances he had of being able to lie to his wife about where he had been all day.

The Costa Rica Post assumes things were as equally awkward for his “fishing buddies” if indeed he had any.

Once the police took over the case, hotel security refused entry to the officers, who then had to forced their way in, only to be denied information regarding the location of the body. The police responded by arresting the crap out of everyone.

In all, three security guards were arrested as well as one of the hotel’s administrators, all four are charged with intimidating police officers and  the obstruction of justice, and face up to three years in prison each.

Although the victim has yet to be identified, the body was eventually found on the second floor of the hotel. The hotel has yet to make any official statements. The Costa Rica Post we’ll keep our readers informed as more information becomes available.