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According to local sources, the section of the river where the robbery occurred is a popular place among guides to stop for a snack and discuss the next section of the river. Although normally there are no people in the area due to it being nearly inaccessible by foot, unfortunately for this group of tourist there were three people waiting this time; and they weren’t there for their pineapples.

Apparently only recently discovered by local river pirates, the Pacuare River, or the Río Pacuare as non-Americans call it, is a popular place to learn white water rafting, thanks to the mostly Class II and III rapids that make up the easily accessible Upper Upper section of the river.

In all 11 tourist of a variety of nationalities were relieved of their cellphones, passports, camera equipment and cash by the three masked assailants. The identities of the three perpetrators are still yet unknown.

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