Fabricio Alvarado supporters have declared Sunday’s presidential election to be a farce after fifty filled-out ballots were found tucked away in a desk drawer in Tacares de Grecia yesterday morning.

The ballots, which were declared valid and turned in a full three days late by a female official with the last names Rodriguez Barrantes, were all in favor of President-elect Carlos Alvarado.

Some of Fabricio’s more fervent followers believe the votes were accidentally left there by a careless official involved in a ballot stuffing scheme sponsored by PAC, fueling the fires of revolution in the heart of at least one man, who logged into Facebook to declare war on sinners.

TSE quickly countered the claims in a video posted to Facebook in which they break down the checks and balances system of the electoral process for all the dummies, before explaining that the mistake was most likely a simple human error.

According to one official we spoke to, who asked to remain anonymous in order to avoid being crucified by bloodthirsty Christian Fundamentalist, the group of accusers is mostly comprised of “Bible thumping bigots, incapable of accepting defeat”, and that “they don’t represent the majority of Ticos”.

If you voted for Fabricio Alvarado and feel you were treated unfairly by the democratic process, The Costa Rica Post would like to provide you with some instant relief for your belief courtesy of the CCSS.

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