A R&B singer from Limon probably won’t be hitting the stage tonight after being arrested in connection with a suitcase full of ganja. The suitcase, which contained 800 grams of marijuana, was allegedly thrown by a scared Gringo, attempting to flee from the police, after an anonymous tip brought him to their attention.


More than likely infringing on Colombian territory, the reggae artist from Limon was allegedly caught on camera, handing the the suitcase to the foreigner, just moments before the cops nabbed him, in a popular Jaco Nightclub. 

Photo shown illustrative purpose

 Although The Costa Rica Post was unable track down the name of the exact nightclub in which the drug deal occurred, a quick google image search of “jaco nightclubs” resulted in lots of pictures of prostitutes right as our wife walked into the room

its not what it looks like honey

The artist known locally as Shaku Quil aka Lil Quil, is a DanceHall, Reggae, Hip Hop and R&B artist known for hits like “Pichota” (Huge Dick) and “Mico Mecanico” (Mechanical Pussy), both of which The Costa Rica Post has generously posted below. 


The two men were detained on Sunday by police in Jaco where they were presented with video evidence by local prosecutors, and presumably given one last look at their weed before they were led back to their jail cells.

Although The Costa Rica Post has yet to determine the fate of the suitcase hurling foreigner, Shaku fans were delighted to learn that the R&B singer was released almost immediately.

According to local sources, pot prices in Jaco are expected rise in response to the recent bust. The Costa Rica Post will keep you informed as more details emerge.