A stabby teenager from Cartago is still roaming the streets, despite being caught on film trying to kill a man over a cellphone. In the video, which can be seen below, an assault victim can be seen struggling with a thief after a failed robbery attempt. The would-be victim seems to have the upper-hand too until the little shit in red pulls out a large knife and tries to cut him with it, narrowly missing his target.

Thanks to the fast actions of the Fuerza Pública, the stabby juvenile was quickly taken in to custody where he was processed and released by a judge in less time it would take a non-stabbing adult to renew their Cedula.

According to the judge, since no one was stabbed and no cell phone was stolen, no crime had therefore been committed. The would-be killer was released back into wild an hour later, presumably to resume stabbing.

The incident occurred on Friday afternoon in sketchy area of Cartago known as Tejar del Guarco.