Multiple bus passengers have been taken to Hospital Mexico after a bus from Alajuela rear-ended another bus coming from Belen this morning on the General Cañas this morning. The accident, which left at least ten people in critical condition, occurred at 5:40 AM this morning. At least one passenger is confirmed to have suffered limb amputation as a result of the crash, some sources are putting the number as high as three.

The Alajuela bound buses were both carrying morning commuters when the accident occurred.

Fortunately for the critically injured commuters, the accident occurred just a short distance away from Hospital Mexico where many of them are currently receiving treatment for their injuries. Others were transported to Hospital Calderón Guardia and San Juan de Dios. In all over 40 people were injured as a result of the accident.

Otherwise traffic is fairly normal this morning.

High speeds and irresponsible driving is said to be the main cause of the accident. The Costa Rica Post will update the story as more details emerge.