If you have been following Social Media lately, then the information I’m about to relay should come as no shock to you. The Filipinos have arrived, and they have come for your children’s organs. All of them.

Well if its on facebook it must be true

The first alleged kidnapping attempt perpetrated by a Filipino occurred in San Ramon. And as the Security footage of the incident below seems to confirm, a woman dressed in a traditional Filipino plaid shirt did in fact attempt to escort a child away from the gambling machine it was playing on.


According to one expert on underground organ harvesting gangs we found, the gang in Costa Rica is made up of 50 or more Filipinos that are spread out across the country, presumably providing them with a wider variety of non-Filipino child organs to choose from.

Although local authorities would like us to believe that The Gang of Child Snatching Filipinos Doesn’t Actually Exist, The Costa Rica Post prefers to get their facts from Facebook.

Yeah why cant I hit kids?

Some of the areas that have reported suspicious Asian activity include but aren’t limited to Jaco, Heredia, Cartago, Alajuela and Limon. If social media is to be trusted, then no child is safe, not even the rich ones:

“I dont want to alarm anyone but I just saw someone with Filipino Features at the bakery” – Karla Zuniga

Since most Ticos allegedly can’t tell the difference between a child-stealing Filipino and a regular Filipino, some Filipinos in Costa Rica have resorted to wearing disguises in an attempt to avoid confrontation.


If you see a Filipino, or anyone even remotely Asian, please do not contact the local authorities because these Gangs of Child Snatching Filipinos Don’t Actually Exist and you might be racist if you do. If you want to be a better parent, try keeping an eye on your children instead of Filipinos because they are literally everywhere; and they’re pretty nice people once you get to know them.