Have you ever heard of Costa Rica once and wanted to move there but don’t do yoga and cant afford to get a TESL degree? Did you already move to Costa Rica but after two months of being an expat you are ready to admit defeat and move back to Minnesota but you are afraid you wont be able to find replacement filters your Chorreador de Café ?

Worry no more. With these ten products you can experience the Best of Costa Rica without leaving the security of your mother’s basement. Here’s your list:

#10.  Chorreador de Cafe

A chorreador is a coffee making device used in Costa Rica in which hot water leaches through coffee grounds held in a cloth filter mounted on a wooden stand, then drips into a container. Often referred to as “the old dirty sock method”, Café Chorreado is the preferred Coffee of people who have never had an espresso.

#9. Cafe Britt 

Founded by North American coffee broker Steve Aronson in 1985, Cafe Britt was the first gourmet coffee roaster in the country to market towards local coffee drinkers. Before Britt came along, the best coffee was exported to foreign markets. If you want a good cup of coffee without driving to Starbucks Britt is the only way to go. If you hate coffee then just skip to the next entry.

#8. Cafe 1820 

Also founded by someone at some point, Cafe 1820 seems to be popular among people that can’t afford Cafe Britt.

#7. Kola Syrup 

This scary looking bottle of red viscous liquid is a common staple in every Costa Rican home. Ideal as a drink, sweetener, and for making the famous Tico Snow Cones known as “Copos de nieve”, Kolita is chocked full of sugar so your kids will love it and so will their dentist.

#6. Pinito Powdered Milk 

An essential ingredient in the aforementioned copos de nieve, Leche Pinito taste great in coffee and can be used in a variety of Costa Rican Recipes.

#5. Leche Condensada (Condensed Milk)

Yet another indispensable ingredient in the making of Copos, leche condensada is sticky sweet and also taste great on strawberries and genitals.

#4. Imperial Shirt

If you don’t own an Imperial Shirt then you know nothing about Costa Rica so don’t even bother writing in the comment section. Nothing is more Tico than beer and no beer is more Tico than imperial. Even if you don’t drink, owning an Imperial shirt lets everyone know you have been to Costa Rica before and there isn’t a god damn thing they can do about it. Imperial Shirts exude expertise on any Costa-related subject.

#3 Galletas Chiky 

More tastey than most of their Gringo counterparts, Chikys are comparable to Fudge Stripes by Keebler and can be found in most Costa Rican childrens lunchboxes and are very popular among stoners. Chiky comes in a variety of flavors such as chocolate, Vainilla and Strawberry. 

#2. Tapita Gallito

If you have never had a Tapita you’ve never been to Costa Rica. These Chocolate-like snacks are a favorite among locals and taste like a stale Nestle’s Crunch bar. They aren’t very good but for some reason they are popular anyways. If you want a real taste of Costa Rica, Tapitas are a great place to start.

#1. Salsa Lizano

Developed by the Lizano Company in 1920, Salsa Lizano is a thin, smooth, light brown sauce (akin to such condiments as HP Sauce or Worcestershire sauce. 

Meant to be used while cooking or at tableside to flavour one’s food when serving, Salsa Lizano particularly complementary with Gallo Pinto, Tamales and as a marinade for meat. Ticos use it on everything so of you are going to have some over for dinner its always a good idea to make sure you have plenty of Lizano in the fridge.