A Gringo walks into a Pulperia and asks the owner for some toilet paper.

“What brand would you like?” ask the Chino behind the counter.

“What brands do you have?”

“Well, we have Charmin,” says the shopkeeper.

“How much for that one?” asks the Gringo.

“Two-thousand Colones per roll.” replies the Chino.

“That’s too expensive,” says the Gringo.

“Well, we have Scott, that’s one-thousand Colones a roll”, responds the increasingly agitated Asian.

“That’s still too expensive,” replies the Gringo.

“The last one we have in some cheap stuff, which we don’t have a name for, but it’s only five-hundred Colones a roll.”

“I’ll take the cheap one, and if I can come up with a name for it I’ll let you know” responded the Gringo.

The next day the Gringo comes back into the store and says to the pulperia owner, “I came up with a name for your cheap toilet paper….Juan Santamaria!” he said. Seeming very proud of himself.

Shaking his head the store owner ask “Why Juan Santamaria?”

“Well,” says the Gringo, “because it’s rough, tough and takes no shit from Gringos.”