A 65 year old American is in critical condition, after getting beat in the head with a tire iron inside his home in Atenas.

The North American retiree, identified as Edward Sponenberg of Lyndhurst, was found nearly beaten to death by home Invaders whom based upon the digging tools they left behind, had intended to bury the man on his own property had they not been interrupted.

The foreign man’s near-lifeless body was discovered next to his home by a Tico friend who was bringing a couple prospective home buyers over to see the house, which we will just go ahead and assume they aren’t going to buy.

Atenas, a popular destination among American retirees who always go with the first thing that pops up on Google, was once considered tranquilo, but recently has been has been the site of multiple home invasions, a murder or two, and the arrest of multiple members of the Sinoloa Drug Cartel.

The gang members were discovered living in a posh neighborhood known as Roca Verde. It is assumed they chose the location because it is comprised of mostly foreigners; so they have water around the clock while the majority of the town’s local population goes without.

The elderly Gringo’s attackers have yet to be identified by the police. The crime occurred on Calle ZacatalĀ in San Isidro de Atenas.

The Costa Rica Post will keep our readers informed as more details emerge.



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