(Osa, Puntarenas) On Friday officers with the Fuerza Publica discovered the lifeless body of a foreign man who had accidentally driven his four-wheel drive vehicle off a cliff the night before.

According to a statement, police officers responded to a call of a body discovered lying in the middle of the road in an area described as “the exact spot where an injured man had been seen and reported to them the night before”.

Consistent with information collected from the 9-1-1 database, at 9:41 p.m. on Thursday, a call came from a man, who reported seeing a person on the side of the road while passing through the area on a motorcycle. Allegedly the caller did not remain with the accident victim out of fear that he was being set up for a robbery.  

It wasn’t until 5:52 the following day emergency services were reminded of the man seen dying on the side of the road, when another person called in to report the crash. Eight hours after the first report was called in emergency services were dispatched to the area where the foreigner was pronounced dead on the scene.

The deceased American, later identified as 58 year old Brian Dean, was apparently able to free himself from his mangled vehicle and crawl 75 meters up the cliff and back onto the road. However, due to the severity of his injuries, was only able to walk a few hundred meters before resigning himself to lying down and dying alone in the middle of the dark street.

Martín Morera, head of Osa Fuerza Publica, clarified that he was out of town when the first call came in and does not believe that there was any negligence involved. The absence of available 4×4 vehicles was blamed for lack of rescue efforts.



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