Costa Rica President Carlos Alvarado recently pissed off a lot of ignorant people, when he invited the peace loving population to assist in the March For Diversity coming up next Sunday in San Jose.

The president later double-down on his homophobic bitch slapping when he signed a special decree to put pressure on government entities to expedite request for gender and name changes and to modify all legal document accordingly. As you can imagine,  not everyone was happy about the announcement.

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The Costa Rica Post recently tasked one of her interns with tracking down the best reactions to the announcement posted to facebook. This is what he came up with:

“Because he is gay he thinks Costa Rica is too”

“We would have been better off with a religious fanatic than this gay queer”

“Not even in his dreams. To support this cause it’s a turn your back on God and tell him that he isn’t perfect”

“Could it be that the President is gay?”

“Big time gay is what you are President”

“President of the gays”

“God  protect our families

“I am an illiterate monkey”

“What else could you expect from a gay president”

“This guy is worse than Ortega”

“Get out of here gay president”

“…..he is just asking to  have gas dumped on him and lit on fire. What kind of example is this gay supporting goverment of queers?”

If you are the author of or happen to agree with any of the homophobic comments posted above, the Costa Rica encourages you to keep up the good fight and to speak the truth in the most vehement manner possible.

Screenshots and commentary courtesy of the not unironically named group “Costa Rica Unida“. A special thanks to Team Gringo for bringing the article to our attention.