Friendly neighbor and Dallas Texas native William M. Nearhoff was found dead in his home in Grecia yesterday. The discovery came shortly after the police were called by concerned neighbors who were tired of the loud music that had been coming from the man’s apartment since Sunday.

Members of the Cruz Roja, who were first to arrive at the scene thanks to their insane driving skills, reportedly discovered the body of the foreign man with his hands bound and his feet fettered and in an advanced state of decomposition

According to neighbors the UT graduate will be remembered as the friendly Gringo who would welcome anyone into his home, that got murdered. Nearhoff had been living in the country for the past four years in a building just west of the Plaza in Grecia.

shown here with a few of old friends

So far Fuerza Publica officials have two suspects in custody for the murder case of William M. Nearhoff. The first suspect, A 29 year old woman with the last name Jimenez, is being accused of befriending the elderly gentleman for the sole purpose of stealing his belongings. The two met last week and had agreed to meet up at the deceased victims apartment on Sunday.

Security footage obtained by the Fuerza Publica shows the two entering the apartment together Sunday evening. A short time later two men entering the apartment. The video also shows the female suspect leaving the departed grandad’s apartment with a rather large package allegedly containing the perished patriarch’s personal property. According to authorities, the woman is no stranger to the justice system as she has been arrested for burglary in the past.

The other detained suspect, a 30 year old male with the last names Montoya Acosta, is believed to be one of the two men caught on camera entering the apartment on Sunday evening when the man’s murder took place.

Various electronics and other valuables were reported as missing from the deceased man’s dwelling. Contrary to preliminary details provided by our crack investigative team, the man died from a blunt force trauma to the head, not a stab wound to the neck.

The Costa Rica Post will keep its readers updated as more information becomes available.