An accused child rapist and homophobic internet activist is finally dead today, having allegedly done himself in with the sweater he was arrested in.

“Thank goodness there wasn’t going to be any exhibitionist…amazing how they want us to see them as normal and natural….and with children…Give me a break”

According to initial reports, the 44 year old pervert known as Victor “La Lobo” Lopez, hung himself in his holding cell, after learning he would spend the next six months without Facebook, while awaiting trail for the grotesque crime that he committed.

“just like I told you….vulgar exhibitionist is what they are”

Back when he was still alive, the vocal heterosexual stood accused of raping a 2 year old and filming it with his cellphone, while the child’s mother was cleaning his house.

“these people are everywhere. I fear for our children. They are getting abnormal and unnatural ideas everywhere. Teachers, doctors, police, nurses, etc. We need to pay attention to who they are to see what they are really teaching”

Video evidence of the unforgivable crime was later discovered on a compact disc that was eventually turned over to police leading up to Lopez’s arrest.

“This is the kind of trash they are forcing down our throats. Dont mess around, respect to be respected. Quit being exhibitionist first and foremost”

After establishing that it was Lopez in the video, agents were able to track the child predator down to a home in Guadalupe, where he was captured and transported to the holding cell where the magic would eventually happen.

The child, now 5 years old, is currently receiving counseling for the abuse she endured at the hands of the now dead predator. The crime occurred in 2015 but only recently came to light due to the discovered disc.

If you would like to see more of Lopez’s homophobic Facebook rants you can view his public profile by clicking HERE. Please leave a comment and let the deceased know you heard about him here on The Costa Rica Post.