Fuerza Publica officials are getting a rare pat on the back from the tourism sector today, after successfully detaining a scumbag Colombian and his dirtbag Tica wife, both of which stand accused of taking a bunch of shit from a couple of Canadian tourist.

According to preliminary reports, at around 3:00 PM yesterday afternoon, the pair of degenerates allegedly punctured the tire of a rental car belonging to the tourist; so that they would later be able to “help them”, once they were inevitably stranded by the flat.

After flagging the couple down further down the road, the female suspect distracted the Canadian vacationist by offering to help, while her husband began to help himself to their belongings. Some of the items stolen by the crooked couple include: Camera equipment, prescription drugs, a tablet, a pile of cash and a box of crackers.

Mmmm Crackers.

Although the crime occurred in La Sabana, the suspects were apprehended in La Uruca after a high-speed chase in which two police vehicles were damaged.

Since the site that we copied this information from offered no further details, this is where the article ends.