More good #marijuananews from Costa Rica: If you are one of those rare stoners that actually has a job, you can’t be fired from it just for using powerful illegal narcotics like weed.

According to one lawyer someone else spoke to, an employee can use any drug he wants, as long as they don’t get busted doing it at work; especially weed.

However, anyone who does consume drugs during working hours may face sanctions, especially operators of heavy machinery that could put their coworkers at risk.

Although some companies continue to require drug test as a prerequisite for employment, an employer cannot require an employee to take a random drug test as a condition of continued employment; even if they suspect them of sucking dick for it.

Recently a lawyer who was caught cultivating hundreds of plants was acquitted of any crimes by the Costa Rican court system due to the prosecution’s inability to prove any intention of distributing the sticky substance by the defendant.

Although  consuming marijuana is not a crime in Costa Rica, the selling and distribution of it is.