One of our interns earned some much needed time off today, after getting banned from Facebook for hate speech. According to the Social Media giant, since our recent post “Spanish in Costa Rica in 10 Seconds” didn’t follow community standards, the post was removed along with the person who posted it.

Although the meme, which we re-posted below, may seem to contain hate speech directed towards Nicaraguans, it was actually a bash on the xenophobic Costa Ricans that gathered in San Jose over the weekend to protest the current refugee situation.

Unfortunately for us, like many Ticos we know, Facebook’s algorithms don’t have much of a sense of humor, and our page was momentarily unpublished.

Satisfyingly Zuckerberg has been gracious enough to give us another chance, and the page has since been reinstated. Sadly our intern, Tico Doug, was not so lucky.

In other news, Costa Rica Unida continues to post whatever the hell they want.