A Tico from Naranjo is behind bars today, having allegedly murdering a murderer who picked the wrong day to steal his beloved cellular phone and bottle of firewater; locally known as Guaro.

Guaro, a popular drink among people who concern themselves not with consequences, is a clear liquor distilled from sugar cane juices, and is the most cost effective way to get yourself blackout drunk enough to curb-stomp another human’s life away.

What if other products had to be honest as tobacco products?

As you can see in the screenshot stolen from a legitimate news site below, the now murdered murderer, despite not having murdered anyone that day, had a history of murder, robbery, abuse and the disobedience of authority.

The situation occurred when the murderer murderer, a man with the last name McCarthy, broke down in his orange Land Rover, while navigating a mountainous road in the ridge ridden rural community of Grecia.

According to reports, that’s when the now murdered murderer, last name Matamoros, allegedly offered to help the stranded murderer murderer push his vehicle to side of the road, before helping himself to the murderer murderer’s stuff. Then he got murdered.

According to authorities the 37 year old Land Rover driving murderer murderer is currently being detained in an OIJ holding cell in San Ramon. Unlike the murdered murderer, who wouldn’t have gotten murdered had he been in jail for murdering, the murderer murderer will most likely spend a few years in prison for murder.



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