Although the exact details of the altercation still remain unclear, according to a recent post on Facebook by Policias en Costa Rica, a military trained American recently beat the crap out of multiple police officers; as well as a couple patrol cars.

According to one source, the man was allegedly holding his own against as many as five police officers up until he got shot; at which point he reportedly quit resisting.  The incident occurred in Quesada Durán.

TRANSLATION: On Saturday night, officers of the Public Force were attacked in the area of Quedada Duran, in the confrontation a foreigner of American nationality, ex-marines and boxer, damaged 2 units. Faced with the training and physical strength of the former military officers resulted in several bruises and bruises, before the danger of death, officers fired at the subject to neutralize the threat and thus safeguard their integrity.

Since this is a breaking story, The Costa Rica Post will continue to update this article with racist comments as they become available.

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Here is some fuzzy footage of the fight: