In a video recently received by The Costa Rica Post, President Carlos Alvarado can be seen keeping his cool, as a crowd of angry protesters surrounds him in San Jose yesterday; a bold display of fearlessness that many are crediting to his over-sized sack.

In a move that would get a man shot by police in any reasonable country in the world, a pissed off public employee was actually able to get close enough to put his hand on the President, despite the small army of trained security guards that surrounded him.

During the altercation the crowd of protesters can be heard calling the president an “hijo de puta” as well as a “mal parido”, two things you don’t want to be in this country, at least according to our head intern Tico Doug.

The president later took to Social Media to show the world the Costa Rica that he knows and loves, while his police escort armed security remained slightly out of frame.

The president also took the time to take a few selfies with a few of his favorite constituents; while the fires of revolution burned white hot just a few hours a way in Limon.