Today local media finally began reporting the case of Thomas J. Cook, the missing American man from Vermont, whom our readers will remember disappeared from his home in Jaco this past August.

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The deceased american, a retired sailor from Vermont, was last seen by everyone that didn’t murder him, on August 23 of this Year.

Thomas had been an Expat for almost a whole month before he “disappeared”, and was last seen withdrawing $10,000 dollars from his bank account at BAC de Jaco.

The only person of interest in the case, is Cook’s alleged girlfriend, a 23 year old “waitress” named Yaritza Hurtado. The two allegedly met at The Hotel & Casino Cocal, where they immediately became close friends.

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According to one of the victim’s family members, the two became so close that Thomas finished paying off Yaritza’s mortgage for her, as friend’s often do, and she signed the lease on the apartment in Herradura that he was living in.

Recently, in an interview with Telenoticias, the young woman made an important Freudian slip, which ruined the ending of the movie for everyone watching it from home, when she told reporters that Thomas “used to be” a very good friend of hers, despite supposedly still not knowing for sure if he still was or not at the time.

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Shortly after the interview, the family updated their obligatory gofundme page with the unfortunate news that a body, possibly belonging to the missing man had been found. The discovery coincided with the discovery of a body matching Cook’s description, recently found chopped in pieces and buried in a grave, just a short drive from Yaritza’s hometown of Batán, Limón.

A close friend of Cook collaborated the story when she posted that Thomas’s body had been discovered on the opposite side of the country.

The family later confirmed the everyone’s worst fears on Tom’s gofundme page.

Anyone with any information regarding The murder of Thomas J. Cook is encouraged to contact the OIJ immediately.

Everyone in Jaco is considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.



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