An indigent pervert is behind bars in Puntarenas, having inserting his penis into a defenseless 5-year-old girl. The suspect, a 60-year-old homeless monster with a special place in Hell reserved himself, took the carelessness of a good Samaritan as an opportunity to ruin the life of her and her small child.

Fuck this guy. Seriously.

The unforgiveable crime occurred while the child’s mother prepared food for the man as she had done many times before, because unlike him, she is not a horrible person. According to the mother, she allegedly realized something was amiss when she returned from the kitchen and discovered her little girl sitting on the homeless man’s lap with bloody bloomers. The man quickly became nervous and fled the house only to be captured by Fuerza Publica officials just 3km away from scene of the crime.

According the young victim the man also kissed her on the mouth among other atrocities. Fortunately for their sick subscribers, “The Most Selling Newspaper in Costa Rica – The Diaro Extra”, was able to convince the child to re-enact the crime with a male family member for a totally unnecessary photo-shoot.

The Criminal Court of Buenos Aires has imposed three months of preventive detention while prosecutors build a case against the sick soulless piece of shit that stuck his dick in that little girl.

The investigation continues under Case #18-000678-0634-PE.