November 20th appeared to be just a normal Tuesday at work for 33 year-old Andy Quesada, as he marched into a little liquor store in Moravia with his gun drawn, intent on making some easy money after what we can only assume was a productive day of listening to shitty music and making loud noises with his motorcycle.

As it turns out, this wasn’t your average Tuesday.

Poor Andy didn’t even realize he was in the wrong store until the owner of the store appeared out of nowhere and began shooting at him with reckless abandon.

Then, in a stupid stunt that could have gotten everyone killed, the owner took cover behind two female employees where he continued firing at the helmeted assailant as if his Aguinaldo depended on it.

Unfortunately for the store owner, little Andy was a much better shot, and the entrepreneur quickly found himself face down in a puddle of blood and his own booze.

Andy, not satisfied with just injuring the heroic store owner, then returns to the finish the man off with a bullet to the head.

Then, in a move usually reserved for action movies, the injured store owner narrowly avoids death when he lifts his gun at the last possible second and shoots Andy from close range, impacting him in the collarbone.

Andy, who is more used to being the shooter than the shootee, can be seen reeling in agony before loosing his footing on the wine soaked floor of the liquor store.

The owner, never one to take any chances, can be seen putting a few more bullets into Andy just to be safe.

Before dying, Andy can be seen rolling over to get one last look at the bastard that shot him, while the store owner presumably laid there laughing up his blood.

Fortunately, unlike Andy, the store owner lived to tell his tale.

Here’s the video: