No Coma Cuento! Despite what a video circulating on social media might seem to indicate, Turrialba’s “Tuna Can Bandit” did not have a change of heart before exiting the store he is accused of stealing from.

In the video, which we have posted below, the still unidentified man can be seen re-stocking the tuna section with a variety of products that he magically produces from his pantalones, and judging by the look on his face, keeping canned sport fish next to one’s pecker can get downright uncomfortable.

Although the video has since be discredited by experts, we have decided to post it anyways and leave it up to our readers to judge whether it is real or not. Here’s your Tuna Can Bandit:

If you or anyone you know have any information regarding the man’s identity or whereabouts you are encourage to call the OIJ’s confidential information center at 800-800-0645