Father Alex Castillo, a Costa Rican born clergyman with a hard-on for the Holy, is currently on the run, following an allegation of inappropriate sexual conduct with an underage male victim in Oakland.

Shown here allegedly not thinking about underage penis

According to the church, Costa Rican born Castillo joined the seminary in 2008 and was ordained by vocal same-sex marriage opponent Oakland bishop Salvatore Cordileone in 2011. Castillo was later appointed as the director of the Department of Faith Formation and Evangelization and episcopal master of ceremonies in 2017, and was promoted to pedophile in 2019.

According to US News outlets the Costa Rican born man is under investigation by Oakland police. Although the details of Castillo’s misconduct have not been released, the crime most likely involved him trying to put his penis where it doesn’t belong. According to Helen Osman, a diocese spokeswoman, the police had already located Castillo, but “They would not provide us with information on his whereabouts, except that he has left the country.”

The news of Castillo’s disappearance comes on the heels of a similar story which occurred on Costa Rican soil involving a local Catholic priest Mauricio Víquez and his pedophilic penis, both of whom fled to Costa Rica after being warned by the by the church about a criminal complaint against them.

Shown here with a fully clothed penis

Although Mauricio Víquez’s location is still currently unknown, a international capture order has been issued. Castillo’s current location is expected to be released to the media by US authorities soon.

More details as they become available.