“Yo recuerdo estar un dia soleado en Kentucky trabajando en construccion”, began Marlon, an emotionally scarred Tico who started hating North Americans after a bad experience he had while working like a Mexican in Kentucky.

“Recuerdo ver a muchos gringos racistas diciendome cosas insultantes, me decian mexicano, siendo yo un tico, decian que yo no debia hablar espaƱol porque ellos hablan ingles solamente en USA, yo no hablaba bien ingles, y cuando intentaba hablar con ellos se burlaban y se reian de mi acento… malditos los racistas los odio”, Marlon typed with with his crocodile tear-soaked fingers.

According to Marlon, who apparently seeks out English speakers online to in order to attack them and make them pay for the mental anguish he suffered at the hands of “redneck” construction workers, “one of his best friends” is Gringo, so he is totally not racist. Also, he is double-not-racist since white girls give him a boner.

Some of you may recognize Marlon’s defense as being eerily similar to the “some of my best friends are black” defense used by some of the acceptance-impaired American’s that he likes to refer to as “rednecks” in his Facebook posts.

Marlon is also white.

To whom it concern, TheCRPost first ran into Marlon a few minutes ago, when were alerted that he had left us a bad review. After a little bit of detective work it was quickly learned that Marlon was a raging racist, and we quickly filled a flash drive with screenshots of some of racist rants that he had posted.

Since we really hate bad reviews we offered him a chance to change his attitude, otherwise we would release the hard drive full of information we obtained.

He removed the review

Apparently Marlon only removed his negative review so that he could write an even more hateful one in Spanish in which he offered to let us lick his butt because we are a gay and Marlon apparently thinks that is what gay people are into.

He removed that one too.

According to one of our crueler interns who is always right, Marlon should direct his anger at his parents for naming him “Marlon,” because its a terrible name. And as usual, she is right.

This is a developing story, more information will be posted once Marlon shows his ass again.



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