Despite what you may have read on the internet, no, it is not legal to grow your own ganja in Costa Rica, no matter how bad your asthma, tuberculosis or numara thrombosis is.

In Costa Rica, the cultivation of marijuana is a crime, and according to the head of the Anti-Drug Institute of Costa Rica (ICD) Guillermo Araya, it will continue to be that way until the Ministry of Health makes the necessary authorizations and added regulations to the Narcotics Act.

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And Guillermo aint lying! According to article 58 of Law No. 8204, anyone attempting to distribute, trade, supply, manufacture, refine, transform, extract, prepare, cultivate, produce, transport, store or sell drugs, illegal substances as defined by the criminal code, or cultivate plants from which such substances or products are obtained could face up to 15 years in a tightly crowded prison while paying 13% more for their Netflix thanks to PAC.

According to Araya, it is the ICD’s duty, to counter all the false news and information on the subject that have been circulating on the internet ever since last year, when a lawyer named Mario Alberto Cerdas, narrowly avoided jail time for cultivating marijuana in the balcony of his apartment near the courthouse in Alajuela. Some of that false information being spread by Cerdas himself.

Although it is true that Cerdas was cleared of all charges due to the prosecution’s inability to prove an intention to distribute the sticky icky he was growing, unfortunately, since there was no alteration to the criminal code as a result of the case, cultivation continues to be a crime, as Mr Cerdas learned the hard way this morning, when his home was raided by police for growing pot again.