A ridiculous Canadian drug smuggling plot involving chocolate-covered marijuana bricks predictably ended in failure this past Friday, when two men traveling with over 1,000 bars of the stuff were detained by officers of the Costa Rican Drug Control Police as they were trying to exit the country through the Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia.

Shown here an actual image of Daniel Oduber Airport

The two men, who are currently being held under the suspicion of being complete idiots, presumably came up with the idea to pack the drug in Chocolate and smuggle it to Amsterdam while really high on weed.

This is why they don’t make movies about Canadian drug lords.

The plan, which was so simple it almost sounds stupid, involved traveling from Canada, where weed is legal, to Costa Rica where weed is illegal, in order to buy illegal weed, dip it in chocolate that would probably melt before they got to the airport, then personally transport said weed to Amsterdam where weed is legal, and sell it for a nice profit.

In all, a total 83 kilograms and 652 grams were rescued from the rapidly melting chocolate. The men arrested were a 49-year-old Canadian Gringo with the last named Patterson and a 31-year-old American Gringo who’s last name is probably Smith or Jones or something.

Unlike the guy who stabbed the French Tourist to death in Playas del Coco, these two numbskulls may actually spend a little time in jail.