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Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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Cops Costa Rica: Season 1 Episode 3

Cops Costa Rica™  Season 1 Ep. 3 A high speed chase gets out of hand near the Country Club on Calle Vieja while a COP™ with a big gun hangs out the window. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHG7QRnU_ws&feature=youtu.be

Gringo in Grecia Found Bound, Gagged and Stabbed

Friendly neighbor and Dallas Texas native William M. Nearhoff was found dead in his home in Grecia yesterday. The discovery came shortly after the police were called by concerned neighbors who were tired of the loud music that had been coming from the man's...

Truck Driver Tears Through Occupied Toll Booth

A truck driver just tore through an occupied booth on Highway 27. The amazing accident occured just minutes ago in Pozon de Orotina. Paramedics were rushed to the scene. The condition and identity of the toll operator still remains unknown.

Gay Loving President Gets Heat From Homophobes

Costa Rica President Carlos Alvarado recently pissed off a lot of ignorant people, when he invited the peace loving population to assist in the March For Diversity coming up next Sunday in San Jose. The president later double-down on his homophobic bitch slapping when he...

Fabricio Alvarado Sings “La Vaca” by Marito Mortadela

Ramasheka talamasoa ramasheka talamasoa ramasheka. Talamasoa ramasheka talamasoa, ramasheka talamasoa. Ramasheka talamasoa, ramasheka talamasoa Restauración Nacional. Ramasheka talamasoa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0TGSymHvrQ&feature=youtu.be

Carlos Alvardo – Master of Puppets (Guitar Cover)

There's nothing like seeing a fresh generation of Metal Heads waiting to digest the classics for themselves, continuing the legacy of so many great acts before them. Young presidents like the one in this video, not only give us hope for metal's longevity, but...

Police Discover a Mountain of Pot in Puntarenas

According to the MSP, members of PCD, with some help from the SVA, GFP and the UIP, were able to search out and destroy yet another a marijuana plantation in Costa Rica's Southern Zone. The most recent of which was discovered housed inside of a sustainable solar-powered...

Tico Falls Off Horse While Perusing Liquor Aisle

A Costa Rican Cowboy was recently caught on film making a horse's ass of himself inside a liquor store in Tilaran. The inebriated equestrian, who entered the establishment astride a pale white horse which one of our interns nicknamed "Karma", headed straight for the...

Gringo Left to Die by Police and Paramedics

(Osa, Puntarenas) On Friday officers with the Fuerza Publica discovered the lifeless body of a foreign man who had accidentally driven his four-wheel drive vehicle off a cliff the night before. According to a statement, police officers responded to a call of a body discovered...

Gringo, 65, Beat in Head With Tire Iron Inside Home

A 65 year old American is in critical condition, after getting beat in the head with a tire iron inside his home in Atenas. The North American retiree, identified as Edward Sponenberg of Lyndhurst, was found nearly beaten to death by home Invaders whom based...