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#NoComaCuento: Turrialba’s “Tuna-Can Bandit” Did Not Have A Change of Heart

No Coma Cuento! Despite what a video circulating on social media might seem to indicate, Turrialba's "Tuna Can Bandit" did not have a change of heart before exiting the store he is accused of stealing from. In the video,...

Many Ticos Don’t Know How Mirrors Work

Recently, while researching for an article on a potentially deceased drug dealer known as "La Reina Del Sur", one of our Nicaraguan interns came to the startling conclusion that many Ticos just don't know how mirrors work.

The 20 Most-Read Costa Rica Post Articles of 2018 (Part 1)

As the New Year creeps around the corner like a broke Chata in Chepe trying to steal enough cellphones to pay for his Bad Bunny habit, The Costa Rica Post has began to prepare for the inevitable drop in readership that comes...

Dumb Tourist Drops Smart Phone Off Crocodile Bridge (Tarcoles, Costa Rica)

According to one source, thanks to his slippery grip, this Gringo wont be updating his Instagram account for awhile. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RFbCM6DwYw

Knife Fight Slows Down Morning Commuters in San Jose

In a video recently acquired by The Costa Rica Post, a couple knife wielding women can be seen trying to slice each other to death in the middle of San Jose this morning; without any regard to anyone's schedule. 

The World Needs More Satan (According to Coca-Cola)

The War on Christians continues in Costa Rica, at least according to a Satanic message recently found plastered across the back of a bus on the Bernard Soto.   Satan is Good.  Satan is my pal.

Video Reveals Exact Moment Bad Guy Realizes He’s Screwed

November 20th appeared to be just a normal Tuesday at work for 33 year-old Andy Quesada, as he marched into a little liquor store in Moravia with his gun drawn, intent on making some easy money after what we can only assume was a...

War. What is it Good For? Nothing, According to Costa Rica

Yesterday marked the 70th anniversary since Costa Rica abolished its military. Costa Rica, a peaceful land full of jungle folk, ranked first in Latin America and 12th in world in happiness, according to the 2017 World Happiness Index, while an angry Expat we were...

QUAGMIRE of the DOOMED by Nick Dangier

I have good news and bad news for all you Ticolandia watchers out there. A group representing Costa Rica’s top public sector unions and governmental leaders recently chartered a private jet to take them to a luxury adults only resort in the Cayman Islands,...

Beggar Inserts Penis into Good Samaritan’s Toddler

An indigent pervert is behind bars in Puntarenas, having inserting his penis into a defenseless 5-year-old girl. The suspect, a 60-year-old homeless monster with a special place in Hell reserved himself, took the carelessness of a good Samaritan as an opportunity to ruin the life...