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Presidente Solís se tiró al suelo despues de firmar pancarta de Coalición Costa Rica

Al final del acto oficial en el Parque de Alajuela por la conmemoración de la gesta heroica de la batalla de Rivas  

Top 7 Jobs For Juan Santamaria (had he survived the war)

Born in the city of Alajuela, Juan Santamaría was just a simple drummer in the Costa Rican army with a talent for tossing torches before the Second Battle of Rivas gave him a chance to show off his very specific skill set. When the commanding officer asked for...

Ridiculous Looking R&B Singer Caught Peddling Pot in Jaco

A R&B singer from Limon probably won't be hitting the stage tonight after being arrested in connection with a suitcase full of ganja. The suitcase, which contained 800 grams of marijuana, was allegedly thrown by a scared Gringo, attempting to flee from the police,...

Top 20 Reasons Cane Toads Are Like Latina Ex-Girlfriends

Also known as the giant neotropical toad or marine toad is the world's largest toad, and much like your crazy Ex-girlfriend, it is a prolific breeder native to South and Central America. #20. They Will Kill Your Dog

“Fraudulant Votes” Leaves Fabrilovers Furious

Fabricio Alvarado supporters have declared Sunday's presidential election to be a farce after fifty filled-out ballots were found tucked away in a desk drawer in Tacares de Grecia yesterday morning. https://youtu.be/j7YB0c8jHeU The ballots, which were declared valid and turned in a full three days late by...

11 Tourist Robbed by River Bandits

A boatload of tourist were unable to upload images of their lunch to Instagram this past Saturday, after being ambushed by River Bandits as they stuffed their faces with fruit on a rocky river bank of the Rio Pacuare. According to local sources, the section of...

Bocas Del Toro: Too Much “Booger Sugar” (according to this article)

Bocas Del Toro - A present day island paradise that was first raped and pillaged by Spaniards in the XVII Century, then again by United Fruit a couple hundred years later, is a popular travel destination among smelly backpackers and people who block traffic to take...

Fabricio Alvarado: The Puppy Who Lost His Way

This is worth watching all the way through. It may change the way you vote this April. https://youtu.be/gZcIbAmi-K8

Santa Ana Driver Has Been Listening to Too Much Pantera

This driver in Lindora has been listening to way too much Pantera apparently. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYfXjXTKfRc&feature=youtu.be

Envisionfest Death Total Bummer For Festival Goers

The lifeless body of a 30-year-old man was discovered at Envision Festival this morning in Uvita, effectively harshing the buzz of everyone in the vicinity. Since the body presented no signs of violence, it is assumed that the man overdosed on drugs, or drowned, but...