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Sunday, March 24, 2019
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Foul Tasting Piñata Filler Kills Toddler

This past Monday a toddler in Paso Ancho died from asphyxiation after ingesting a popular gelatin treat resembling a small Jello Snack Pack called "Mini Gelatinas" a common candy that any Gringo that has been to a piñata party will tell you are as...

Breaking News: John Saatio apprehended again

Breaking News: Police have once again captured American Fugitive John Wesley Saatio, this time in San Miguel de Desamparados. Desamparados, a popular suburb of San Jose among expats with neck Tattoos, is also known for drugs, murder and it's lovely church. Saatio excused himself...

Scumbag Gringo Gets Away Again

Readers of The CR Post will already be familiar with John "Neck Tattoo" Saatio, the slippery sex offender from Michigan that escaped US authorities in Wisconsin last year and somehow made his way to Costa Rica with nothing more than a backpack, a dream...

President Solis Investigates Traffic Jams (Live)

As announced on various media outlets over the weekend, Luis Guillermo Solis, the President of Costa Rica promised to analyze the Costa Rica's "traffic situation" today.  The CR Post asked our readers to keep an eye out for him this morning and provide pictures...

Now a Public Service Announcement from the Fuerza Publica #combatecostarica

New recruits are being trained to address the Chata Threat.    

If Costa Rican Beer Commercials Were Honest


Costa Rica Monkey FAIL (video)

Some monkeys are better at monkeying around than others as shown in the video below.

The Correct way to eat a Trits Ice Cream Sandwich

Any other way is just not right (see graphic) [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-ylaEYY6iw]

Jamie Oliver Infuriates Ticos with Inferior Gallo Pinto recipe

Some of you might know Jamie Oliver from his cooking show where he destroys a kitchen in a matter of minutes while preparing simple recipes in a very Tica-like manner. Others may remember him as the funny talking dude in the YouTube video that...

Terrible Accident in San Jose caught on film

A terrible Accident in San Jose was recently caught on video, we hope everyone is ok.  Check out the video below.