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Monday, April 22, 2019
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Jamie Oliver Infuriates Ticos with Inferior Gallo Pinto recipe

Some of you might know Jamie Oliver from his cooking show where he destroys a kitchen in a matter of minutes while preparing simple recipes in a very Tica-like manner. Others may remember him as the funny talking dude in the YouTube video that...

Terrible Accident in San Jose caught on film

A terrible Accident in San Jose was recently caught on video, we hope everyone is ok.  Check out the video below.

So you’ve been caught smuggling Cocaine

Now that you've been caught smuggling cocaine The CR Post would like to welcome you to your new home in San Sebastian Prison. Soon you will understand why San Sebastian is where many residents call home. Because it feels like home.....continue reading

Local Lawyer Busted with Buttload of cocaine

A lawyer with the last names Ruiz Zúñiga nearly dropped a load in his pants today when security staff at San Sebastian penitentiary informed him they were about to perform a....continue reading

The Sad Reality of CAJA Appointments

"Marty, we have to travel to November 27, 2055" "What the hell for Doc?" "Because that's the date CAJA just scheduled my appointment for"

This Cat was driving this Tico crazy until he did this

Animal lovers all across Costa Rica were outraged when images of this cat were posted in the Real Jaco Garage Sale group on Facebook yesterday. The images seemed to show the remains of deceased orange cat and the comments of a very happy Tico...

“Huh?”, Solis on prisoner release halt announcement

If you were following the news yesterday then you were probably one of the many who rejoiced as the government, according to the media, announced the suspension of the current inmate release program...Continue Reading

Breaking News: 3 Crushed in Deadly Accident Santa Ana

Rio Oro, Santa Ana - Three construction workers were crushed this morning when a concrete pillar fell on top of them. Three of the workers were killed instantly and one remains trapped under ...continue reading

Super Human Gringo Sex Offender Bends Bars during attempted escape in Jaco

Yesterday police apprehended the unfortunately hairlined fugitive John "Neck Tattoo" Saatio in the tranquil beach town of Jaco. Neck Tattoo had been on the lam .....

5 Crazy Headlines from Costa Rica (part 4)

Getting your news in Costa Rica these days can leave you with a bigger headache than that time you got pistol-whipped and thrown into your bathtub by home invaders.....continue reading