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5 Crazy Headlines from Costa Rica (part 4)

Getting your news in Costa Rica these days can leave you with a bigger headache than that time you got pistol-whipped and thrown into your bathtub by home invaders.....continue reading

22% of the population of Costa Rica following “COMBATE” on Facebook

Recently The CR Post published an article about the cancellation of one of Costa Rica's top television shows "Combate".

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Gas Prices Going up Again in Costa Rica (UPDATED with Gas Prices)

It was only a week ago that we posted this article about a drastic price in Costa Ri.....read more

Two people trapped in car by flooding in Heredia

An unidentified couple were just rescued by local firemen after finding themselves trapped in their vehicle by.......

Ticos Mourn as Favorite Television show Cancelled

After five years of providing wholesome family entertainment it was announced yesterday that Costa Rica's favorite family oriented television show will no longer be......Continue Reading

How to perform the “Zipper Merge” in Costa Rica

Anyone who has lived here for a while will already know what we're talking about. Whether you have already driven here or not you may want to check out the video below to see the correct way to perform the Zipper Merge in Costa Rica. TheCRPOST.com Your Place for News and Humor in Costa Rica.

Armed Robber bad at Robbing, Mother Upset

Local Police recently arrested a man of 20 years, with the last names Hernández Hernández, for the suspected assault of a University Student while armed with a gun and riding a stolen motorcycle. The suspect was apprehended thanks to.....continue reading

Mother of Pervert wants justice

Now that five arrest have been made in the murder case of Gerardo Cruz Alicia Delgado, the mother of the creepy guy with the cellphone we told you about in our article about Viral Ticos, now wants authorities to punish the family of murder...

5 More Ridiculous Headlines from Costa Rica (6/7)

  Any Gringo worth his salt knows that finding news worth reading in Costa Rica these days can be harder than getting your maid to pay back that $50 you loaned her last time she went home to visit her family. Fortunately for you The...